SGS College joins ‘Think UTC’ a national day for university technical colleges

14th March 2016
SGS College joins ‘Think UTC’ a national day for university technical colleges

Think UTC is a new national day for University Technical Colleges (UTCs) that celebrates the work they do to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) subjects. 

This year it takes place on Friday 18th March, coinciding with British Science Week and National Apprenticeship week

More than 30 UTCs across the country are participating and will hold Think UTC events for local MPs, schools, businesses, media and members of the wider community. These will involve workshops, open days and celebrity talks about all aspects STEM.

This week, SGS will be posting articles each day to share information and updates about its UTC development at the Berkeley Green Campus.

Sara-Jane Watkins, SGS Principal, is pleased to be involved and has commented: “UTC Day is a brilliant way to raise awareness of not only our UTC developments but the activities of other Colleges too.

“We expect to see unprecedented growth in UTC recruitment as awareness spreads and demand from employers increases for well-trained, motivated and competent staff.”

Lord Baker, Chairman of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, the organisation that supports University Technical Colleges, said:

“I am delighted to see so many UTCs are getting involved in this national day. The University Technical College programme aims to put technical skills back at the heart of our educational system and highlight the importance and versatility of science, technology, engineering and maths in industry.

Think UTC is a brilliant way of raising awareness amongst young people about the advantages of studying STEM subjects at school, and the range of high profile technical careers that skills in these subjects can lead to.”

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