Why ‘Q’ will be the future’s hero - not Bond

15th July 2016
Why ‘Q’ will be the future’s hero - not Bond

James Bond has an impressive resume when it comes to defeating criminal masterminds and saving the world, but the enemies of today fight with weapons from a digital age, weapons that would frighten the living daylights out of MI6’s go-to spy. In today’s world, only the talents of Bond’s technological sidekick, Q, will save the day.

Last week, the NCA warned that the technical capabilities of criminal gangs are outpacing the UK's ability to deal with their threat - businesses and law enforcement agencies are losing the "cyber arms race" with online criminals.

The NCA said there were 2.46 million "cyber incidents" last year, including 700,000 frauds - with the biggest threat coming from "a few hundred" criminals.

To combat cyber criminals, the government is to spend £1.9bn over the next five years on cyber-defences, recruiting thousands of new staff across the three intelligence agencies and establishing the first National Cyber Centre.

To support the Government’s plans, and train the next ‘Q’, SGS Berkeley Green UTC will open at the Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park in September 2017, promising some of the best cyber security training facilities in the country.

Students don’t have to be ultra computer savvy to study for a career in cyber security; employers are looking for great problem solvers, strong communicators, and quick thinkers.

To find out whether a cyber security career is for you, a great place to start is with an SGS Berkeley Green UTC Open Event at the Berkeley Green Campus, where there will be an opportunity to have individual chats with representatives of the UTC.  

Chair of UTC Governors, Sara-Jane Watkins, comments: “As the world’s dependence on online services increases so will the need for online security. At SGS College, students will gain essential cyber security knowledge, skills and qualifications to help protect our digital lives.”

SGS College is also running Cyber Security Workshops, Tuesday 9 August. More info can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cyber-security-summer-camps-tickets-26343444953

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