UTC benefits for employers

17th March 2016
UTC benefits for employers

In the build-up to UTC Day, which takes place Friday 18th March, SGS College would like to share some valuable information for employers.

The aim of the UTC is to develop young people with the skills need by local employers in Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Technologies with at least 40% of the curriculum pre-16 and 60% of the post-16 curriculum spent on vocational skills development in addition to the students taking vocational qualifications.

There is a real opportunity for local employers to be involved and to help us design and deliver the right vocational experience for the students.  Employers can support this vital skills development of our local young people by: 

Helping to shape the curriculum:

• Work with the UTC team to identify the best vocational learning experience for young people to meet the skills needs of your sector.
• Help to define the optional elements to give young people the required broad knowledge base to support their career development within in these sectors.

Sponsoring real life projects such as:

• Year 10 students gain practical experience of how Fire and Security controls - intruder alarms and access controls work through developing aspects of a complex system by working with and visiting a local employer.
• The UTC will have a ‘dirty lab’ so that students can simulate attacks from hackers and test measures against viruses in a secure environment.
• ‘Amphibious Vehicle Design Project’, a year-long cross-year-group challenge to design and manufacture a radio-controlled amphibious vehicle to transport a box of eggs across the Berkeley Pill (the local estuary).
• The Big Design, year long all aged project, such as one focused on paintballing. There is an ideal site to construct a layout for ‘urban’ paintballing and combat simulation. The SGS College army cadet force will be the ‘customer’ for the project and students will work on a wide range of employer-led projects linked to the specialisms, such as Identify Friend or Foe (IFF); design/manufacture of uniforms/body armour/protective gear; intruder alarms; infra-red sensors.

Hosting of placements:

• Provide either block or thin placements for students, which is an opportunity for students to understand how their vocational learning meets your industry’s needs.
Participating in co-delivery:
• Supporting the development of key younger members of your staff by them being mentors to the students.
• Leading the learning delivery for particular applied aspects of the curriculum.
• Supporting the development of UTC’s teaching staff in bespoke industrial innovations and developments.

For further information please contact Clare Wilson, clare.wilson@sgscol.ac.uk.

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