Most frequently asked questions


How would you expect your results to compare to other schools in the area?

Although it is too early to have actual results, we are planning for excellence in the delivery of our curriculum. Therefore we would anticipate that our academic results will be in the top quartile against similar schools and UTCs

What makes you different to a mainstream college or school?

We believe that SGS Berkeley Green UTC will embrace the advantages of both the school system and the college way of educating. So, we will combine the academic rigour of the school curriculum, but enhance this with the vocational breadth and employer involvement expected in a College – the best of both worlds in one place.

What standards can I expect in non-STEM subjects?

Although SGS Berkeley Green UTC is focused on the delivery of STEM related subjects, we understand the importance of subjects such as English and Modern Languages in the development of capable and talented young people. Everything we teach at the UTC will be given equal status in terms of curriculum delivery.

What is your policy on bullying?

We take bullying very seriously, whether it be physical, emotional, or Cyber related. The way in which we deal with bullying is contained in our policies, a copy of which can be found on our website.

What extra-curricular activities do you provide?

Students will have the opportunity to undertake a variety of extra-curricular activities, including a variety of sports and outdoor pursuits. Our close links with local employers will also enable us to extend the range of these activities.

What travel routes are there from my local area and what is the cost?

Details of the routes which we are looking to facilitate can be found here.

Will you provide school meals?

Yes, there will be a full range of food available, including hot meals and a full range of sandwiches and snacks. Healthy options will always be available.

What is your catchment area and admissions policy?

We do not have a set catchment area and we invite applications from all areas. Our admissions policy can be found here

Is the building carbon neutral?

Although the building is not carbon neutral, we are incorporating a number of energy saving measures including photovoltaic cells and low energy heating and lighting solutions.

How do you plan to interact with local companies?

SGS Berkeley Green UTC has very close links with local employers, including those that are based on the Berkeley Green site. Employers have been involved from the start in the development of the UTC curriculum and they will be involved in the delivery of some of the vocational parts of the course.

When does it open?

SGS Berkeley Green UTC will open for the first intake from September 2017. We are accepting applications now.

How do universities rate UTC results and where does this stand in their clearance procedures?

Because the SGS Berkeley Green UTC curriculum will deliver the same number of GCSEs and A levels as a mainstream school, but with the added benefit of vocational qualifications, we believe that this will put our students in a good position when applying for University or apprenticeships.

What qualifications will my child study for?

The full range of the curriculum is contained on this website and in the prospectus. In short, it will contain a mix of GCSEs and vocational qualifications at Key stage 4, and a mix of A levels and higher vocational qualifications at Key stage 5.

Would the fact that there is less academic study at the UTC disadvantage my child if going on to University?

Our curriculum plan shows that there will be the same elements of academic study as delivered in mainstream schools. Therefore there will be no disadvantage. In fact, we believe that the addition of vocational qualifications will give students at the UTC a distinct advantage when applying for vocational degrees, apprenticeships or jobs as they will already have employer focused experience.

Would a UTC disadvantage my child if they decide to undertake an academic profession?

From an academic perspective the SGS Berkeley Green UTC curriculum should not disadvantage but enhance the opportunity for any student wishing to progress to an academic profession such as teaching or research.

How do you balance academic and employer needs within the curriculum?

We have carefully planned the curriculum to deliver a balance of academic and vocational learning. We have listened to and involved employers in the design of the vocational part of the curriculum to ensure that what students get is relevant to the world of work which the majority of them will be entering within 3 years of leaving the UTC

What happens if my child finds the UTC is not for them?

Despite all parties' best efforts there may occasionally be a situation where a student decides that the UTC does not suit them. If this is the case we will do our best to make sure that whatever outcome is deemed to be best for the student will happen with the least disruption to the student's education.

How do you ensure that key employers are still going to be there by the time my child is ready to find a job?

We are engaging with our partner employers on a regular basis. We believe that the Berkeley Campus site offers many advantages and opportunities for local and national employers and we expect to have a number of new employers on site before the UTC opens.

How do you ensure the availability of teachers at the required standard?

We are planning the recruitment of the teaching staff to ensure that we have the right skills and experience to make the UTC and its students successful.

What is your selection criteria Post 16, Year 12?

Our student selection criteria is published on the website.

How are you funded?

SGS Berkeley Green UTC is funded through the Department of Education .

What will be your specialism?

Our specialisms are: Advanced Manufacturing (including engineering), Digital Technologies, and Cyber Security.

When will you be OFSTED assessed?

We do not know when OFSTED will inspect the UTC. However it is normal to expect an OFSTED inspection within the first two years of operation.

What will be the capacity of the UTC?

The full capacity of the UTC will be approximately 660 students across years 10 to 13. To start with we are only accepting applications to years 10 and 12, so the starting student numbers will probably be in the region of 300.

What will be your recruitment strategy?

We are currently communicating directly to households in the Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire and Bristol areas to inform them of the SGS Berkeley Green UTC offer. We are also working with local schools to make them aware of the opportunity. We are holding a series of monthly ' Open Days' to which potential students and their families are invited.

See full list of events and register your attendance

How much disruption do you expect to teaching standards in the first few years?

We are planning that here should be no measurable disruption to teaching standards. We will achieve this by thorough curriculum planning and the recruitment of experienced and talented teaching staff.

What policies do you have in place to deal with the horrific rise in depression related illnesses amongst teenagers?

We are mindful of the rise in the pressures which young people are facing, both in education and in their personal lives. We will have a full range of student counselling services available at SGS Berkeley Green UTC. We will liaise with parents at an early stage where appropriate to ensure that young people get the best support.

Why did you choose this site?

The site at Berkeley offered an extraordinary opportunity to develop a whole new way of teaching young people with the in-built engagement of employers. The site itself offers a wealth of potential to extend the curriculum for young people whilst introducing them to the world of work.

When was the nuclear power station decommissioned?

The reactors were shut down more than a quarter of a century ago, and the nuclear fuel was removed in 1992.

Was there ever a leak or safety issue on the site?

There has been no leak or safety issues reported for the site. The site is regulated by the Office for Nuclear Regulation who requires the site to demonstrate that it remains safe at all times. Magnox is the company which manages the ongoing maintenance and safety at the site.

What work is left to be completed?

The Office for Nuclear Regulation will continue to monitor the site and will work with Magnox on the longer-term work which will be required to fully decommission the site in the future.

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